World Breast Feeding Week & A Giveaway

In honor of World Breast Feeding Week I’m taking part in a blogger group giveaway. This is a nice way to recognize a practice that sadly is not very appreciated nor supported in the US. Grayson is now 8 months old, which is insane!, and our breast feeding journey is slowly coming to a close. I have no idea how much longer it will continue because we continue to feed in the mornings. And to be honest, I love that aspect of our morning and that my body continues to care for him by producing milk like this. I’ll let it go as long as it sticks around.

Breastfeeding in Knoxville

Breast feeding is a tricky subject because for a lot of moms, mainly because it really isn’t always the most viable, best option. As a full time working momma, I feel like I know first-hand how exhausting and time consuming it is to pump at work and come home and try to feed while making dinner and getting house chores done. Even with an incredibly supportive husband, it was challenging. Looking back, I’m so glad I did it. Grayson and I had our own special route and experience together and he slowly weaned himself. He was never a lover of the boobies. I used to joke that he sort of just ate to get full.

I think I’ve said this before but while we’re on the subject I’ll definitely say that there isn’t nearly enough support for moms who want to breast feed. I would love to see local restaurants hang signs showing that breast feeding moms are welcome and I SO dearly wish hospitals were not so negative toward moms who want to feed. I was in a very natural birth-friendly hospital and when I asked to feed Gray right away they looked at me like I was crazy. P.S. he latched right away and I think that was because I went with my gut instinct. Education is key and no one tells mommas that. So pass it on. Get educated. Know what you want and go after it. Breast feeding is possible and there are lactation specialists and supportive moms out there to help you.

Happy World Breast Feeding Week, ladies and gents! Now go enter this rocking giveaway. xoxoxo

About the Giveaway 

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week,  Nesting Days Newborn carriers are hosting an incredible giveaway with top brands and bloggers. One lucky winner will take it all! The prize is valued at over $300! Enter for yourself or for a friend and share the giveaway with all of the amazing mamas in your life!

Giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on July 10th at 12am.

One winner will receive :

(1) Nesting Days carrier in her choice of size and color

(1) Undercover Mama shirt in her choice of color

(1) Multi pack of Bamboobies nursing pads

(1) Teething Necklace from GumiGem

(1) Infinity Nursing Scarf from Abbie Grace Designs

(1) Bottle of Nipple Cream from MotherLove

(1) Hands Free Pumping/Nursing Bra from The Dairy Fairy(1) Sleep Nursing Bra from The Dairy Fairy

Estimated retail value : $330

Enter the giveaway below and then click through to read stories, see photos, and enjoy other fun goodies from all of our partnering bloggers!

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mouseinyourhouseWorld Breast Feeding Week & A Giveaway

3 Places to Find Cool Art for a Kids Room

Whenever I start browsing around for nursery room wall art I always stumble upon the most kitschy stuff, full of chevron and elephants and sweet sayings with little depth to the design. Now I actually do, in all reality, love chevron and elephants and sweet nothings. But this stuff can quickly go the uninspired route. It wasn’t until Arrington recommended we use Status Serigraph, a local Knoxville print shop, that I started to look to rock poster print art for our kid/baby spaces.

And I LOVED it. The idea of shopping for “kids stuff” was smashed to smithereens and a whole world of poster options spread itself before me. Enter the Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville, which Matt and I used as our freedom vacation recently. One of my favorite aspects of the festival was a huge slew of print designers who setup shop. One after the other, they hung up their colorful, mesmerizing, screen-printed designs and I was in heaven. Matt joked that if he couldn’t find me right away, he always knew where to go. I was slowly making my way through nearly a dozen print booths. I could not get enough.

Here are 3 that I highly recommend you browse through if you’re wanting to find new wall art for a kids space. Really, any space will do, but these particularly reminded me of the lively, dreamy aesthetic I want for Gray’s play spaces.

1. James Flames. Here are some examples:
POST-AvettBros-Lexington2013 - James FlamesPOST-FeliceBros-RhodeIsland2014
2. LeDouxville. They print stuff like this:


3. MadPixel. I thought this city-inspired design was cute, and a dog on a bike:

Mad Pixel


Where do you find your wall art for kids rooms? Do you have a favorite print designer? I’m always on the lookout.

I hope you have a gorgeous weekend. I’m planning to find a Tennessee River beach and pretend we’re in Florida again. xoxoxo

mouseinyourhouse3 Places to Find Cool Art for a Kids Room

The Product Collective: Eye Makeup Remover & Moisturizer

About a month ago I introduced the Product Collective, a consortium of beautiful ladies who have been kind enough to share some of their favorite products with us. Then…life happened and this series got put on the back burner. I don’t have good excuses. Isn’t it amazing how the basic daily routine can get so busy there’s no time for anything else? I wish there was a big life event to share with you but…nada. Just the normal changing diapers and getting baby to daycare and dinners made (oh wait, Matt does that one) and….I’m running out of excuses.

But here we are, in July, the end of summer, and I’ve got an action packed post full of eye makeup and face moisturizer recommendations. This Wednesday just got more interesting. Let’s get the dishing started.

Remember these ladies…


These are the products they rely on daily to protect those gorgeous faces:

From Christy:
Yes to Blueberries Cleansing Facial Towelettes for eye makeup removal -
Say Yes to Blueberries towelettesAnd Olay Regenerist Regenrating Serum used as her facial moisturizer -
Olay Regenerist Regenerating SerumFrom Leah:
Baby wipes are her go-to choice to remove eye makeup -
Pampers baby wipesAnd she chooses Aveeno Positively Radiant for her lotion -
Aveeno-Positively-Radiatn-Morning-MoisturizerFrom Jessi:
She goes with olive oil to remove eye makeup. Just pick the purest you can find.
Olive Oil as eye makeup remover
And her face moisturizer pick is Argan Oil, like this -
Argan OilFrom Molly:
She uses Clinique’s Take Off the Day as her eye makeup remover -
Clinique's Take off the Day makeup removerAnd for her moisturizer, her pick is Vaseline’s MenBody Fast Absorbing lotion -
Vaseline LotionFrom Tuyen:
Her top pick for an eye makeup remover is the Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser. Because she doesn’t use much eye makeup, this does the trick -
Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial CleanserAnd her moisturizer is the trusty Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 30 -
Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 30
And that concludes your rundown of new face lotions and eye makeup removers test out. Have you ever used olive oil to remove eye makeup? I did once and thought it was very effective. The lingering smell was odd but something I could get used to.

What do you use? Anything you’d recommend? Share away.

P.S. I’m actually testing out a new time-saver trick. I’m foregoing makeup ALL week to see if it makes my morning routine less hectic and more enjoyable. So far, so good. No one has banned me from the office…yet. ;) xoxoxo


mouseinyourhouseThe Product Collective: Eye Makeup Remover & Moisturizer

The Babyless Freedom Vacation

Do you ever go on vacation without the kids? This is our first trip away without 8-month-old Grayson and it’s positively freeing. Yes, I miss him. I miss him so much, with his sweet baby-head smell and his big toothy smile and waking up with him yawning. Ohhhhhhh, I miss you sweet Gray.

OK, snap out of it. Back to how awesome this is. It’s lovely and Matt and I have been able to talk to each other in complete sentences. Crazy. We’re spending this vacation at the Forecastle music festival in Louisville, KY, which reminds me of my Bonnaroo days, which reminds me of being young, which makes me feel young. So many kids, so much hooliganism. And even though I feel at times like a parenting bystander, watching how I used to act and the freedom I used to have, I’m still…so much loving this. Should I feel guilty for enjoying this? I don’t. I feel fine, weirdly, calmly level headed about it.

Here are some shots of our baby-less vacation. Would you do this? Do you do this freedom vacation thing? Thank the stars for grandparents and knowing that Gray is living it up with songs and yummy food and Nanna snuggles or I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this getaway at all. I feel fairly confident he’s going to actually be sad when we return, he’s getting so spoiled right now.

Jill Andrews is pictured in the bottom left. She's a fantastic local Knoxville musician. She's also a mama and rocks (both literally and figuratively), which I love.

Jill Andrews is pictured in the bottom left. She’s a fantastic local Knoxville musician. She’s also a mama and rocks (both literally and figuratively), which I love. And that’s Matt and I getting ready to watch Outkast. I have no words for that performance. Took me back to my high school days. They played every hit and were so tight. 

I got to pose with a Hunter S. Thompson impersonator. Life, made. DONE.

I got to pose with a Hunter S. Thompson impersonator. Life, made. DONE. Also PS Matt is dancing with a complete stranger. Music festival culture in a snapshot.

The music poster vendors here are unbelievable. They are all inspiring my ideas for Gray's toddler room revamp. I am full on embracing music posters for nursery wall art. They are dreamy and fun and colorful.

The music poster vendors here are unbelievable. They are all inspiring my ideas for Gray’s toddler room revamp. I am full on embracing music posters for nursery wall art. They are dreamy and fun and colorful and should be in every young room.

Reasons I'm happy here: there is a Gonzo bar (swoon), there is a shipwrecked boat with mermaids and a lifeguard who dances to welcome you in. But I miss sweet Gray and he is obsessed with doggies, which he is attacking in the pic (he even took his paci out to be more effective).

Reasons I’m happy here: there is a Gonzo bar (swoon), there is a shipwrecked boat with mermaids and a lifeguard who dances to welcome you in. But I miss sweet Gray and you should know he is obsessed with doggies, which he is attacking in the pic (he even took his paci out to be more effective).

Well, there you have it. My freedom vacation isn’t over yet and I’m back to it now. I know I owe you guys tons of cool posts, like more of Arrington’s rooms and April’s nursery. It’s coming, but Jack White is playing next and there’s a cocktail with my name on it. Enjoy your weekend and see you soon. xoxoxoxo

mouseinyourhouseThe Babyless Freedom Vacation

Yay, Grayson is Clapping

So it’s not a huge deal but MY BABY IS CLAPPING. Ok, so I sort of/maybe thought the world came to a stop when he finally started placing those two hands together about a week ago. It’s adorable. He bats his left hand toward the other so he definitely favors one side, but he’s mainly got the clapping thing down. Look how proud he is…

photo 2photo 4 photo 5photo 3photo 1
Do you celebrate milestones? I’m not great about catching everything on camera and getting it placed in his baby book but this one seemed monumental to me. Which ones did you love the most?

And a few notes so I remember…Gray is almost 8 months old and loves being thrown in the air, spun around really fast which makes him belly laugh. I want to hold him tight and rock him like an infant but he’s already pushing away like he’s a big boy or something. You’re a little man, Grayson! He doesn’t love us leaving him at daycare now but I hear he forgets about us quickly and starts playing with the “big” babies. He isn’t crawling yet but will be soon. He still breastfeeds (not for long spurts anymore which I have mixed feelings about) but is loving carrots, mixed fruit, pumpkin and taking sips of water. Sleeping through the night is lovely and happens quite often and I still think it’s weird that he’s perfectly happy to sleep alone in his yellow crib. Toys are a must and they keep his little fingers busy as he explores the buttons and sound responses. He is a sweet, sweet man, still…always and forever.

Here’s my little daredevil…


Gray and Chris - 4th of July

mouseinyourhouseYay, Grayson is Clapping

Grayson’s Nursery Reveal

With the nursery complete, it is so very nice to spend time in Grayson’s VERY OWN room. I literally can’t walk in his nursery without smiling and breathing a big sigh of relief, because let’s be honest, a nursery renovation is no small task. While it’s been complete for over a month now, this sweet guy was well past six months before things were finalized. I guess it goes without saying, but having started off in our 400-square-foot treehouse has made this reveal even more exciting. It practically makes up half of the spaces our whole family started out in! So let me tell you all about it, with Arrington’s help.

When Arrington and I first chatted, I explained that I wanted lots of pops of color but a look that was still true to the traditional calming nursery vibe. He’s a baby after all and I wanted it to feel that way because there will be plenty of time for toddler business. Thankfully, Arrington, with her coastal, calming esthetic, was just what we needed to create a perfect balance to my tendency toward bright color combinations.

I fell in love with that yellow Jenny Lind crib and white dresser from Land of Nod, and from there Arrington curated the rest to create this space we absolutely adore. From the thoughtful chalk board, ready for Gray’s toddler years!, to finding the handmade wooden book caddies, it was fun to see her in her element and made the whole design process so much easier. It was further proof that interior decorating requires talent and lots of experience.

For those of you looking for some assistance or even someone to completely take over a decorating project, she is the gal for you! Below, she talks about her client collaboration style and how her techniques feed into the final look of a space.

Thanks, Arrington for working with us and creating such a cozy place for Gray to grow and play. Tour Arrington’s house here. And you can reach her at

***Find a product list of sources and collages at the bottom of the post***

What was your approach to Gray’s nursery? 

When I first meet with a client I like to come to their home and get a feel for their current style.  Most of their pieces can be re-purposed in a space or rearranged to create a different feel.  If I’m starting from scratch other rooms in the home can give a lot of insight.  While visiting your wonderful home I noticed your love of color and a eclectic modern feel. I really listened to all of that as I searched for new pieces to bring into the space. 

The room had already been painted a light teal color and you had fallen in love with a yellow Jenny Lind crib so that gave us a lot to work with.  There were certain elements you also wanted him to enjoy in his new space as well: a comfy place to play, a focus on reading and easy access to toys.
Through local resources and the large selection of seamstresses on Etsy we were able to bring together a modern colorful nursery that expresses little Grayson’s already detectable fun attitude!! – Arrington
IMG_7178 IMG_7180 IMG_7181IMG_7123 IMG_7187 IMG_7193 IMG_7195 IMG_7197


Source Book: 
Book shelves custom made by Jackie’s Toolbox
White/Gray customized stackable name blocks displayed in wall shelf from PamQCards on Etsy
Drapes by Etsy store Drawstring
Prints over the changing table by Status Serigraph
Print above crib by Powerhouse Factories
Dresser by Land of Nod - Monarch 6 Drawer Dresser
Crib is a Jenny Lind crib and can be purchased here
Re-purposed family heirloom chair
Orange throw from Longest Thread 
White faux fur round area rug by Fur Accents
Reach out if you have any questions about the product I used or just want to chat about your love of Jenny Lind cribs…because I’m sort of obsessed.

photo 2-2 photo 1-2


mouseinyourhouseGrayson’s Nursery Reveal

A Nautical Nursery for Harrison

I’m back today with more space creations courtesy of Knoxville interior decorator Arrington Russell. She’s designed the most adorable nautical nursery for her sweet baby Harrison. I fell in love. His sunlit room is cheery yet simplistic with her dynamic use of navy and white. And that precious mobile with the colorful sailboats… what a relaxing space to spend with a newborn in your arms.

The bedding and diaper bag were from Pottery Barn, and the wall art was an Etsy find. If you have specific questions, feel free to share them in a comment and Arrington and I will work together to provide sources.

For back history on Arrington, find her Q&A here. She lives in Knoxville, Tennessee and is available for one-on-one decorating consultation or in-person projects.

Nursery dresser

Arrington in nursery

Nursery Mobile and Wall Art


Nautical theme nursery

Nursery Chair

These photo were taken about a week before baby Harrison joined the world. Congratulations, Arrington! I bet he’s dreaming of the sea in his nautical nursery.

Arrington can be reached at

mouseinyourhouseA Nautical Nursery for Harrison

Meet Arrington: Touring Her Traditional Chic Knoxville Home

In a cool twist of online fate, I ended up meeting Arrington Russell. While on the search for an interior Arringtondecorator who could bring a clear vision to help me create Grayson’s nursery, I randomly came across a Facebook thread where tons of people were recommending her. As a self-proclaimed interior decorating fanatic, she was just what I needed to set the tone and direction for Gray’s space.

I can’t wait to share his nursery, but to get us started I asked her to explain her design philosophy. Her style is a bit traditional chic. With fresh lines and relaxing, breezy colors, walking through her house has a calming effect. It ended up blending nicely with my crazy love of colors and tendency to go a million different directions. She kept us focused and brought all the pieces together so beautifully.

Today, I’m sharing a short Q&A with Arrington and shots of a few of the rooms in her Knoxville home. From here, we’ll explore her new nursery for baby Harrison (born only a few weeks ago!), her son Pierson’s toddler room and their gorgeous playroom. And of course, I’ll share Grayon’s room reveal soon!

Arrington is available for interior decorating projects and can be reached at

Welcome to Arrington’s world…

On decorating inspiration

I find  inspiration from a variety of places.  That being said, Pinterest is where I spend most of my time!  It is a great tool that I use to see what decorating trends are being used by interior designers and to determine what styles my clients are drawn to.  I’ve uncovered that everyone has a design style, but not everyone has the ability to execute it.  I use information from Pinterest and other design sources in consultation with my clients to create a design that is refined to their interior taste.

(Follow Arrington on Pinterest.)

 Pierson and entery

On favorite stores

Locally, I love Bliss Home for furniture.  The furniture at Bliss Home is great quality with a reasonable price tag.  I also shop online websites such as Joss and Main and One Kings Lane.  However, I found that most of my friends and clients need something that can stand up to children, pets and husbands.  There is something to be said about seeing the craftsmanship of your furniture before purchasing. Whenever buying from an online store I won’t make the purchase without multiple rave reviews.

When I’m looking for those finishing pieces to complete a room, my go to is Home Goods.  From a lamp to a throw pillow, this is always a fun stop on my list.  Also, antique stores for those unique pieces you didn’t know you needed!

Master Bed Shot

 Master Bedroom

On her top color picks

I love keeping a room’s wall color neutral like Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.  This is a classic gray with a warm tone. Gray can be a difficult wall color but this option never fails.  By keeping the walls neutral a client has the ability to change the space.  To add color, I love an accent wall with stripes or a unique stencil.  Cutting Edge Stencils’ website has great ideas as well as quality wall stencil options.  An accent wall can bring color, texture, or pattern into a room without over powering the space. Oh yeah, and you can paint right over it!  For example, an entrance way with navy stripes makes a bold statement.  It flows nicely into the rest of the home but makes a big impact upon arriving guests.

 Wall Shelf in MasterMaster reading nook


On her personal style and design philosophy

My home is a traditional, vintage, and coastal design.  I love combining styles.  This allows my space to feel classic with symmetry in design for a calming effect.  I also have several antique pieces that add family history and depth to my space.  Through a coastal style, I use blue accent colors and ocean accent pieces to add an all-over breezy feel.  My goal for my personal home design is for a guest to feel a sense of elegance with a ‘lets sit and chat for hours’ comfort.  I’ve found that most friends and clients are drawn to a combination of styles and need help bringing these looks together.  My design philosophy is to help each client achieve their personal design style that they might not know is possible.


On her two favorite pieces of furniture

My coffee table is made from reclaimed beach/barn wood, which was purchased from Bliss Home.   It’s a statement piece in my living room.  My other favorite piece is a circa 1840′s Jackson Press cabinet located in my dining room.  It was passed down from my great grandmother.

Living room

mouseinyourhouseMeet Arrington: Touring Her Traditional Chic Knoxville Home

Lessons from Alt Mommies

This may sound funny to any of you reading this who attend the Alt blogger conference regularly, but when I first signed up I thought I would be the only mom there. I was fine with that scenario, but that’s definitely how I thought things would go down. I imagined myself as this old, washed up mommy with spit-up stains and wrinkled eyes, just wandering around amongst a sea of 20-somethings.

I was WRONG…on both fronts.


Two ladies living it up at Alt! And note the stunning Longest Thread wrap I’m wearing in a dreamy shade of pink. This mama was so proud to be representing such a cool brand (missing her babies but proud nonetheless). And that’s Kristen from When at Home. Check her out too, yo. (photo by Justin Hacksworth)

Man oh man was I wrong. The place was teeming with talented, ambitious, successful MOMS. Lots of them, and I actually managed to put makeup on and pretend like I wasn’t thinking about a million different things at once. Like, you know, I was, for reals, focusing on what people were saying and responding to them (a real luxury as a full-time working mama).

And all these ladies I was surrounded by…they’d like all pushed a baby out. So besides the fact that this was a lesson in not making assumptions, it was also a fitting place to take a look around and be inspired by these incredible moms. Because everyone knows that Alt bloggers and small business owners are the coolest. Well, they just are. They rock and they care about what they’re doing and they’re passionate about making an impact in this little world we all have in common.

The quotes below are from my notes taken at alt. Martha Stewart and Joy Cho were perfection and managed to live up to everyones’ lofty expectations.

Here are some of my takeaways from Alt mamas…

1. Don’t stop creating. You may need to take a break during the baby days or toddler days or teenager days (wait, when was the non-break time again??). But by and large, if you’re passionate, you’re going to hear the work a’calling. GO. Even if it’s for a short while, or an hour a day, continue brainstorming and experiencing your craft whenever you can.

“If you have that spirit in you to constantly produce and be useful…thats part of being an entrepreneur.”  - Martha Stewart


Martha poses after her Alt keynote presentation. (Photo by Justin Hacksworth)

2. Take baby with you. If you can, bring your kids and your babies everywhere possible, be it work trips or a speaking engagement, and DON’T feel bad about it. Of course there are places and situations where the littles just aren’t appropriate (as in, they will make your work harder), but taking them with you when you can will help you clear your head so you can focus. Unless, of course, you need the time apart to think without tears and toddler messes, then find a babysitter and do your thing, girl.

It filled my heart with joy to see so many Alt ladies either brought their babies or where proud to be showing off a baby bump. Besides, what better DIY project to show off?

“There are babies here!….I love babies.” – Martha Stewart while speaking to alt attendees and noticing someone’s baby in the crowd. 


A mama in the crowd during an Alt presentation. (Photo by the talented Justin Hacksworth)

3. Shut down that guilt. Just because you want to work and expand your skills doesn’t mean your kid will suffer for it. It’s so easy to slip into the mommy guilt rut and start thinking that having our brains on something other than our beautiful baby means we’re somehow being a horrible mom. Where did this disillusion come from? Why are working and being a caring, loving mother mutually exclusive? It’s just not logical. I loved this quote from Joy Cho…

“As much as I feel that mommy guilt, I realized that me being inspired…is inspiring to her too.” – Joy Cho about her daughter watching her work. 

4. Reconsider the pressure to “balance it all.” If you’re a mom, you’ve probably heard people tell you that you’ll eventually find the balance again, as if you’ll magically figure out how to give the same amount of energy and effort to work and play and your relationships and friendships. Maybe what we’re looking for is more of a “juggle,” as Joy Cho shared. Chances are you’ll find your own path and that works too. But the point is, if a “balance” seems unattainable, maybe it is and maybe that’s the way it should be.

“It made me realize that I couldn’t do everything. I needed to juggle.” – Joy Cho


I write a lot about being a working mom. It’s challenging, ladies (and men too!) to bring in the money, spend time with your kid while also keeping your mind growing and expanding by working on hobbies and being entertained. Staying in touch with ever-changing trends and pop culture is actually important if you do anything in the creative realm and yet it’s the thing that’s most likely to get kicked to the side when baby comes along.

Just know that you are not alone. I saw hundreds of mommy creatives at Alt and they were phenomenal. They were present and running full speed ahead toward their goals. Go in the directions of your dreams. – said someone…other than me. ;)

Quick love note: This post was sponsored by Longest Thread, who is a dear partner and sponsored my attendance Longest Threadat summer Alt this year. Check out their colorful Turkish towels here and use a special code to get a 30-percent-off discount through August 1. Code: 30PERCENT. They are now selling dishtowels. Find them here. How sweet is that nugget of a discount? Thanks for supporting my partners who keep this blog going. 

mouseinyourhouseLessons from Alt Mommies

My Alt Business Cards (discount code from Longest Thread!!)

The day has finally come. I’ll be waking up in just five hours (seriously? 5 AM is going to come way too early!) to leave my men (ugh, this is harder than I even thought I’d be!), pickup Kristen and head to Salt Lake City for our very first Alt experience. Let the glitter and chevron and crafting and general beauty that is this four-day blogger event begin. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be representing Longest Thread and introducing these gorgeous Turkish towels along the way.

So, business cards are a BIG deal at Alt. As in, people make the most beautiful business cards you could ever imagine. The extremely talented design bloggers use them to showoff their skill and we all get to benefit by collecting them. I definitely have plans to adorn my home office with these paper jewels, maybe show them off on a wall for inspiration. Check out a collection here to get an idea of what I’m trying to describe.

Mine are packed away in my luggage but I wanted to give you a sneak peek. Here you go, folks. Feast your eyes on these paper beauties…

Did you see that very generous 30 percent-off discount offer from Longest Thread? Yep, that code is a saweet deal, and it’s available to you, my dear, dear, Mouse In Your House friend. ;)

I’m oh so excited to meet some fantastic ladies, eat delicious food and hear Martha Stewart speak. Whoop! Tomorrow night will include a dinner at Frida Bistro, and another night we’ll be gathering at a park to enjoy fare from several of Salk Lake City’s delicious food trucks. This is seriously a once in a lifetime experience of learning and fun, created by some of the most talented individuals. I just want to sit back, relax and take it all in.

Let the party begin.

P.S. This post is technically sponsored by Longest Thread since they are sending me to Alt. Thank you for supporting them too!

mouseinyourhouseMy Alt Business Cards (discount code from Longest Thread!!)